Can this headset be used for cinematography?

Hi all,

Can this AR headset be used to get a low latency live feed of whatever is on my phone’s screen?

I ask this because I am looking for a solution to see the live feed of a video camera that is connected to a phone, and shows the live feed from the camera in a phone app.

For example, the DJI RavenEye system allows me to see a live feed of the camera on my phone, but I’m usually using both of my hands to film, so ideally I would like to see the live feed on AR glasses, so I can see where I’m going and the live feed at the same time. The one caveat is that the latency between the phone and headset needs to be fast enough so I can see what I am shooting without much delay.

Thanks for any info!

Yes this would work through the air casting and side screen features for screen mirroring.

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