Can we develop without Dev Kit (only with nreal Light glasses)

Hi there,
Sorry I’m new to this community so this question might sound too obvious, but please let me ask this question to clarify.

To develop app for nreal is it required to buy the Dev Kit?

I bought nreal Light glasses (non Dev Kit, consumer one from au online shop in Japan).
At that time, I thought I would be able to develop only with this glasses.

However, when I was preparing to setup the environment reading the introduction, I found the following mentioned on the Introduction NRSDK (

As of now, you cannot develop apps directly on Android mobile phones. Android mobile phone development will be made available soon.

Note: this part is not written on the this documentation page which seems to be explaining exact same thing as the above link.

Also in the quickstart guide’s Getting Started mentions about Computing Unit.
So, I believe we have to get Dev Kit to start.

Am I correct?

Thanks in advance.

You just need an android phone that is supported by Nebula

Nebula see below

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Nope. You can develop your apps in Unity and deploy it to your phone then run with any consumer glasses :+1:


@jan, @Mr.FarePlay
Thank you so much!

I will consider to purchase one of those.

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