Can you walk up close to the floating Menu?

Can you walk up close to the floating Menu?

With the Oculus Quest I can walk up to the menu but as soon as I get too close it fades out.

  1. How is it on the nReal?
  2. Can you actually pull the menu towards you instead of walking up to it?

As mentioned in another post I am partially sighted So I need to makes things big, get close as possible to text.
Just as an example how I use the PC. I use a 38” Wides screen Monitor and sit at about 10/20cm away from the screen using a zoom program from Windows. I also use Text to speech.

3.I would really love it, if someone could tell me what the biggest screen size is in the nReal when you pull a window towards you as close as it can go. I will still be using zoom on those windows but how close can I get a window to my eyes. Eg. Can I simulate a 38” monitor 20cm away from me?

This might all sound crazy to all you normally sighted people but I use the Oculus Quest for many different applications even with my disability. Now I would love to get into the AR world of compact headsets.

Thanks everyone.

It depends on which app.

The Nebula MR space has about 10 cm near clip distance. I haven’t measured it with anything but it’s definitely less that 20 cm.

Other apps can set their own near clip distance. Personally I set the near clip distance for my FarePlay app to zero. 3D objects don’t clip anymore, they stay visible till they pass my head.

Thank you for your kind answer. If anyone from Nreal development is reading this then please, please give me a setting to switch off near plain clipping and let me get as close to the menus / text as I would like.

And on that point let me pull the menus into my view instead of having to walking closer towards the menus. It is called accessibility for the partially sighted. How is it then with TTS like on Android and iPhone’s?

Are you thinking about the future with accessibility in mind? As I agree that this technology should be for everyone and not just the perfectly sighted. Think about also people with hearing difficulties, physical and learning difficulties. This technology could help many to achieve many different goals in technology.

That is just my view, so don’t leave others behind. It is going to take time but over the year’s accessibility is becoming better over many platforms but still has a long way to go.
So thanks in advance for any improvements along this line.