Cannot purchase from UK Retailer EE as they demand a contract

I tried to purchase the nral air via the accredited UK distributor which happens to be EE. However, it’s impossible to order it from their website as I need a login and I’m not a customer.

I tried registering for free but they demand that I have a contract (SIM contract) so that they can log me into the store and I’m not going to buy an EE contract just to get the NReal Air.

See the attached screenshot: On the top right corner it displays ‘logout’ since I’m logged in. However, the product page says Login to purchase. It doesn’t seem to work because I don’t have an EE contract associated to my newly registered account on the EE shop.

Is there another retailer that I can rely on to purchase this product?

I bought mine from Amazon JP because I heard people had trouble ordering from the US… but I don’t know if that would help you since I’m not sure if they ship to the UK…

I can t find them anymore on Amazon JP. I think they are sold out, are they?

They are out of stock… what a shame :confused:

they dont sell NReal Glasses Anymore on EE
YOU CAN GET XReal aGlasses from Amazon same glasses but with different name on box

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