Can't connect bosses iPhone to Nreal Air device

Hi! I received an Nreal Air today and haven’t been able to connect it to my bosses iPhone, which is on iOS 16.2. I was able to connect the device to my iPhone though, which is on iOS 15.8 or something. I saw on y’alls reddit thread that the device has been having issues screen mirroring for iPhones on iOS16, is this the issue I’m experiencing? How can i resolve this as soon as possible? I’ve already updated the firmware for both the Nreal itself and the adapter prior to this issue. Is it a matter of the Nreal can only recognize one iPhone at a time? For example, since my iPhone was the first to connect to the glasses, does that mean my boss can’t connect to it?

If anybody could please help me out with this as soon as possible, it would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, the iOS16 requires the accessory firmware for the Lightning Digital AV Adaptor at the first time you connect. Please make sure the network is OK when you first insert the glass. After the accessory firmware is installed, unplug and plug the glass again.

Hello, I am having the same issue. After activating my Nreal Air, I plugged the adapters into my iPhone and got a popup message saying that it was installing the firmware. I gave it a few minutes to do so and then plugged in the glasses and nothing happened. I confirmed that the glasses worked on my pc and that the iPhone to digital AV adapter is working but I get nothing through the Nreal adapter. I checked that the firmware is updated and it says it’s up to date. Any thoughts?

Hi, please check if the adaptor comes with power. You can try to charge the adaptor for a period of time and then use it again.

I am having the same issue, I cant connect it to my iPhone 14 pro on ios 16.4.1. first time I plugged it told me firmware was installing, I waited and after that I have tried everything from plugging in, plugging out to restarting iPhone. just cant seem to get it to work on my iPhone. on other devices its working fine.

Hi, please keep the Lightning adaptor connected for 2-3 mins. After that, please check the ‘File’ app if the Lightning adaptor can be recognized.