Can't view recorded video

I’m running the RGBCamera-Record.unity demo but I can’t find the saved video file anywhere.

I use the controller to click on “Start” and then “Stop” afterwards.

I connected using scrcpy and I’ve checked both the Files and Storage app.

This is Files. I checked all the folders and I didn’t see anything.

I also went into File Manager > Android > data > com.DefaultCompany.testing2 > files but couldn’t find anything either:

Following the documentation, I also have this option checked.

Any help would be suggested. Thanks!

Hi Bryan, what SDK version do you use? And I will test it further.

I’m using this:
My Unity version:

Thanks so much!

Could you please update the current SDK to V2.1 and try again?

Yup, will try giving that a shot tomorrow. Thanks for the help!

So I upgraded to the latest SDK (2.1) but now I can’t even turn on the Nreal Light. It just keeps on cycling between 1, 2, and 3 green bars.

Fixed, I think it just ran out of battery / was charging.

I installed the new .apk file (with SDK v2.1) but when I open the app I just get a black screen.

Dev kit details:

I think the issue is that I’m on Android API level 27 instead of 29.

I upgraded the Unity build settings to use Android API level 29, but now I can’t install it on the dev kit. Presumably the version is too low:

Should I / how do I upgrade the Android OS version on the dev kit?

I also can’t seem to connect the dev kit to wifi for potential updates since the wifi networks I have access to require some browser-based sign in (even through scrcpy, there doesn’t seem to be a browser like Chrome available on the dev kit).

Hi, bryan. Sorry for recommending you use V2.1 SDK, I thought that you used compatible phones to test your developed apps. I have to tell you that the V2.1 is not compatible with the dev kit, so the apk you installed didn’t work (got a blank screen). Please use V1.9 SDK for testing if you only have the dev kit for development.
And for the wifi connection issue, please use standard wifi configuration (account and password) without login through browser.

Got it. I’ll try the v1.9 SDK and see if that works before trying to upgrade the Update app. Thanks!