Change scene in Unity

Hi there!
I’m using an NReal Light DevKit, with Unity 2021.3.4f1 and the NRSDK v1.9.3 and I’m having troubles changing scenes.
What would like to do is to simply change from one scene to another, I don’t care about detected planes and other stuff, I only need to destroy everything and open another scene.
What I can see right now is that when I change from one scene to another the scene starts (I can hear the sound) but the cameras and other systems don’t.
So… what’s the best way to change scenes in Unity?

Anyone? :wave:

Am I forced to use one single scene and load all other stuff additively?

Hi, developer. Maybe this is the question for Unity, you can also check if there is an answer in the Unity forum.

I know how to change scenes in Unity, I use Unity professionally since 2013! :slight_smile:
The problem is that the SDK seems to not support any scene change.
I think it’s because of all the singleton classes used. Every single SDK manager is a singleton and so every static instance stays alive between scenes.
But in my case for every scene change I need to reset everything.
So… is there a way to completely reset the SDK between one scene and another?

Oh, got it, sorry for my misunderstanding. Just like what you said, our SDK doesn’t support resetting one scene and changing to another currently.

Hi there! I’m back on this project, the client is evaluating the porting phase and I need to understand if I need to quote this change. Is there any news on this? Does the SDK still not supports scene change?

Hi, still does not support resetting the scene and switching to another.