Compatibility of Samsung smartphones with Nreal glasses

Our list of compatible smartphones primarily includes Samsung models. Using the Nebula, a smartphone that is listed as compatible can be used for both Air Casting and AR Space.

AR Space

In AR Space, you can fix up to five mobile screens in the air and have access to futuristic AR apps. For the Nreal Light, which has 6 degrees of freedom (DOF), there are more AR apps available than for the Nreal Air, which only has three.

Be aware that apps must be developed using Nreal’s NRSDK in order to be used in the AR space. Please install the apps that were suggested in the Lab.

Air Casting

Air Casting is for screen mirroring. You had the option of Side Screen or Full Screen.

The screen will always move with you during Air Casting. In full screen mode, a sizable virtual screen will remain in the center of your field of vision, whereas in side screen mode, a smaller screen will remain to the side.

r/nreal - Compatibility of Samsung smartphones with Nreal glasses

The following model types are compatible:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note20 series with Snapdragon chipsets
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 series with Snapdragon chipsets
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 series(Both the Exynos and Snapdragon chipsets)
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 series with Snapdragon chipsets

(We are actively developing the test for S22 series models equipped with Exynos 2200 chipsets.)

  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2/3

Our users have repeatedly reported that Z Fold 4 works flawlessly with the Nebula. However, since it’s a new model, we haven’t tested it yet.

On our official website, you can find a thorough compatibility list.

:pushpin: For different models in various regions, the hardware and operating systems will differ. If you experience any difficulties using the Nreal glasses, kindly let us know. We’ll make every effort to assist.

Please include the model number of your Samsung smartphone when reporting a problem. How to locate the model number is given here.

:pushpin: The Z Flip Series cannot be used with the Nreal Glasses because they do not support DP Alt Mode.

Please disable DeX before using a Samsung, as DeX and Nebula can be somewhat antagonistic. This video will demonstrate how to do it.

You might find potential compatible phones reported by our users, but we suggest the ones listed because they have been thoroughly tested.

What would happen if I would buy one that isn’t compatible with my phone.
It seems getting a Nreal is difficult where I am from. Nreal stopped shipping outside the US.

Why is it taking you so long to test Fold Z4. Seems like this should be priority given the amount of fold phones coming to the market…

I have a Samsung sm-s908w galaxy s22 ultra. App saying isn’t compatible with my phone. What can you guys help with?

Hi, the error tip means that the DP signal is not detected. Please check if the cable is connected in the wrong direction. And please try to connect your phone to a physical monitor, which is aimed to test if the USB port is OK. Also, you can connect the glass to a PC or other device that comes with USB-C interface and supports DP output, it can test if the glass is OK to show image.

Any news on Exynos phones? I am still waiting for 6 months…I dont understand how hard it can be… that you did not fix the issue in a year…

I connected my Nreal air to my S23 ultra with dex disabled. Glasses firmware was updated but now shows incompatible with device. I do not get any image if connected to a pc usb c as well. Seems like the update bricked my glasses.

Hi, please try to downgrade the firmware by this link: XREAL Air - Firmware update
And check if this version is OK.

Do you know, guys, can Samsung Xcover 6 Pro can be compatible with Xreal Air?
On one hand it has DEX, so, probably, it has working DP Alt mode.
On the other hand the cpu is only Snapdragon 778G.
So, is it no-go? May be someone has experience with this phone?

Hi, according to the specs of the Samsung Xcover 6 Pro, it should support the mirror casting mode of the XREAL Air. But we cannot guarantee that it works without any issues under AR Space mode because we don’t test it.

Thank you for the answer! Well, at least it is not “definetely not compatible”. I’ll share my experience if I decide to buy it then.

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I’ve tested Xreal Air with Samsung Xcover 6 Pro.

I found that the phone is compatible with Nebula App. AR space works, air mouse works. The only downside is that the phone heats up pretty quickly, it becomes really hot.

So In the end I prefer to use Samsung DeX, which works perfectly - or use Beam, which, of course, also works.