Compatible devices - Samsung z fold 3 & Galaxy S20

I have got the Nreal Air in JP. It was great with my laptop. However, I could not use with my both phones. I tried my old “Galaxy S20” at the very beginning. It works in Air Casting mode only, but now it turns out to

Can you please let me know how am I gonna fix this issue?

Hi, could you please tell me the model number of your phone? And please note that this error tip usually happens when the DP signal is not detected. You can also check if the USB port is OK.

Hi there,

Thanks for your quick reply. Here are the models captured.

However, the screen projection function is working on my s20 phone, but not in “AR Space” mode. Please advise.

And it is another one from Samsung Fold

Hi, Z Filp doesn’t come with DP output, so it cannot work with our glass. But the S20 you showed can be used with the glass. Could you please if the cable(please use the cable which comes with the package) is inserted correctly? Also, please try to do the update for your Air glass from the following link (Both MCU and DP are required to be updated well):

It works now. thank you so much.

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