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What devices are compatible with the Nreal MR glasses?

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Nreal MR glasses are only compatible with devices that are equipped with a full-functioning USB-C port. @Nuan

You could check the official website.

Please refer to: Nebula

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that’s not fully true - the device only works with android phones which are on referred webpage listed down below

could we be more accurate? your answer isn’t very helpful also @xczeng seems bad, you could provided the link

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The Nreal Light retail consumer glasses seem to work in screen mirroring mode with any device that can handle alt mode DisplayPort video over USB-C. I’ve tested with phones as old as the RED Hydrogen One which only had a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and it works fine for screen mirroring.

At the current time, the Nebula software that enables mixed reality applications to run requires Android 10 or above and seems to require at a minimum a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor as well. You’d also need to sideload the application for most devices and enable developer mode.

Samsung Exynos support is promised for a future release in some limited devices. If you want to run 2D applications in Nebula, only a very limited number of devices are currently supported and those are all listed on the Nreal website here: Nebula

“Unsupported” devices that are able to run Nebula will still be able to run web based applications but full 2D application compatibility is not available in MR mode. Screen mirroring through “Air Casting” mode does allow both a standard full screen mode and a side mode that only covers a portion of one eye. I find the side view pretty useful for navigation when walking or hiking outside.

Retail Nreal Light glasses also function as a monitor when you plug into a USB-C port or use an adapter to enable alt mode DisplayPort over USB-C on a PC. No mixed reality functions currently work on PC, even if you deploy your Unity project on PC.

Older developer kit glasses (typically red, magenta or white) may not work with Nebula 2.0 or above and may not work when connected to a PC or phone. For those kits, the compute unit that shipped with the developer kit is the recommended unit to connect to those glasses and unfortunately the compute unit runs Android 8.1 and is not compatible with Nebula.

Hope this info is helpful!


Are you sure about Android 10 (not just 11)?
That means the universal Nebula should work with my Oppo Reno 10x Zoom with Snapdragon 855 processor running Android 10! But when I connect the glasses to it, the Nebula app is stuck in an infinite loop displaying the message: “To use the glasses, enabling the permissions are required. Select Always open and click the OK button.” Sadly there’s nothing to click OK on… so only mirror mode works so far. Any ideas to help me out?

I know that I ran 1.07 and 1.08 versions of Nebula on my phone on Android 10 but it is possible that Nebula 2 is somehow locked to Android 11 devices. My Xperia 5 had an Android 11 update pushed at one point between version 1.08 and Nebula 2, so I didn’t realize Android 11 was potentially a requirement.

In reading the Slack channel a bit, I am seeing others indicating that Nebula 2 is not working for them on Android 10 and only devices with Android 11 are working. That’s unfortunate as there are many potentially compatible devices that are still stuck on Android 10.

@XREAL-dev Can you confirm if Android 11 is a requirement for Nebula 2 (Universal developer mode app)?

Sorry for delayed reply. The requirement of downloading Nebula 2 is Android 10 or above. However, for Samsung users, the device needs to be updated to Android 11 or above before use.

Does Nebula run only in specific countries, listed in Nebula? I’m trying to find a compatible phone in the UK.

There is no countries restrictions of Nebula as long as the phone is compatible. You could find a compatible phone and run Nebula in UK.

Nebula works on my Oppo Reno 10x Zoom after updating to Android 11. I’d love to try 2D apps though. Could I buy the Chinese version of the Find X3 Pro for that (PEEM00)?

Please refer to Nebula check all nebula compatible phones.

@XREAL-dev how about you explain WHAT makes a phone compatible or not with the glasses??? Like, some explanation… For example, usb needs, altmode needs, processor needs, feature needed…

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@XREAL-dev - It would help a lot to know some of the requirements that make a phone fully compat with the glasses like @postaldude said.

Apart from the CPU and USB port requirements, I’m assuming you’d need root permissions for the app to get it working on other devices?

On the list of compatible devices there is no ASUS Zenfone 8 Flip. Does anyone think, that this phone which has a snapdragon 888 chip would work or at some point in time will be compatible?

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no zenfone then or what?
no answer is also an answer.

I had that issue at first with the infinite loop. It only appeared to have gone away when I force updated my phone to get Android 11.

So does that mean that the Nreal Air will work in mirror mode to watch movies and stuff on my Asus ZenFone 8 with a Snapdragon 888 processor running Android 12??

Hi, if this phone supports DP output, then it should be able to do mirror casting.