Connecting Nreal Air to Macbook Air 2017


I have recently purchased Nreal Air and while waiting for delivery I wanted to get everything ready for using it with my Macbook Air 2017 model.
The problem is my macbook has a thunderbolt 2 port for video out, and I can’t find any dock or cable for thunderbolt 2 to Usb C.
I also installed Nebula for Mac app on my macbook and I get an error message that it is not compatible with my macbook.
Macbook Air 2017 details -
Processor - intel i5
RAM - 8gb
MacOS version - Monterray 12.3

Please help me in connecting Nreal Air with my macbook.

Hi, the Mac with Intel chipset cannot be compatible with the current Mac Nebula, so multi-virtual screens cannot be realized on your Mac. We will release new Mac Nebula for intel version in near future.