Connecting to Windows 10 PC Issues

I have XReal Air 2. I tried connecting to my Windows 10 PC Nvidia 3080 graphics card via a HDMI to USB-C cable. But the PC did not recognize the XReal glasses as a monitor. I also tried this connector HDMI+USB to USB-C but that doesn’t work either. I’m connecting it to the XReal Beam.

I tried something similar with a DP to USB-C cable.

Evidently HDMI never carries the power required to operate the headset, but DP sometimes does.

Well, seems my DP cable doesn’t either, so no go.

Of the Nvidia GPUs I have, only the RTX 2080ti worked, because it’s the only one to have a USB-C connector which carries that power.

You’d have to go through the Beam, but that means no 3D video, which is to me is a loss I may not find acceptable: too many compromises…

Hi, theoretically the cable you used should be fine. Please make sure the USB-A is connected for power supply.

I got a cable just like that and can confirm that it works across a broad range of devices.

I made sure to use USB 3 ports both for extra power and bandwidth and because USB-C with Alt-DB would surely be at least USB 3 5Gbit.

It even works with hybrid graphics, where the discrete GPU isn’t connected to the USB-C port, but has a separate HDMI (or DP) output.

Most games would run just fine via the USB-C that is physically connected to the internal iGPU, but Nebula cannot handle that.

With the cable and without the iGPU involved it works, but Nebula performance is still terrible (separate post).

But unlike the cable that Xreal delivers, these cables care quite long, stiff and heavy, so they aren’t that comfortable to wear.

I’ve had mixed results using a TB4 hub to switch to the included lighter cable included by Xreal from there.