Connection issues with Nreal Light, Glasses are randomly going black


I have an issue with my Nreal Light, first the data:

  • Nreal Light, Firmware Version:
  • Nebula 3.2.1 (2551)
  • Android 13
  • Samsung Galaxy 20FE 5G
  • Region: Germany
  • DEX is off and HDMI Output is set aways from DEX

When I connect the glasses to the phone (or any other device, like my Mac or my Steamdeck). The Screen shows up in the glasses and then goes off after some seconds. This is repeated many times, maybe for about 5 Minutes. It is the same as if I would pull the connection to the device. On Android in Nebula it tells me, that the device is connected and then disconnected, and then after some seconds connected and so so.

But after some minutes, when the glasses get a little bit warmer, it suddenly works. After that I can use the glasses without any issues. Also when I switch the device to e.g. Steamdeck, then there it does work also. It feels, as if the glasses have to warm up a little bit?!

Is this a hardware issue? Are my glasses broken?

I have also downgraded to Nebula 3.1.1, then also the glasses got an update. But the issue was the same after that.

Thank you for any help.

Hi, could you please tell me if the temperature around the glass is too low? Like below 0 degree? The operating temperature of the Light is 0-40 celsius degrees.

I am in a living room with 23 degrees celcius. I have the feeling, that the power consumption at the beginning is more than the device can offer. I have checked again an it only happens with the phone and the steamdeck. On the Mac it works, even when the device is not warmed up.

Thanks for your info. Could you please also confirm if you used Mac Nebula on your Mac while doing this test?

Hi, I was wrong, it also happened on Mac. And it didn‘t matter if it only was connected with or without Nebula.

The last time I was using the glasses, it lastet about 20 minutes until they became stable. So I decided to return them, cause I think they are hardware defective.

But I ordered another pair, waiting for arrival.

OK. I also think you need to replace it. Please test the new pair when you get it, and let me know the test result. Thanks