Connection lost in MR Space


We tried to pair Nreal Light (NR-9101GGL) with Samsung Galaxy S20+ (SM-G985F/DS).

Everything goes well, but after clicking the “MR space” button and MR shell initialized it then loses the connection and the phone says “HDMI connection lost” trying to reconnect repeatedly.

Could you please advise why the connection between the glasses and SG S20+ interrupts after ~4 seconds of MR Space work? Are there any other specific caveats to work well?

Thank you!

Hi, I’m Antoni, from Tarragona (Spain), in July they put the nreal light on sale through Vodafone Spain.
I have purchased 3 units to date and I have had problems with all of them, the first with a samsung note 20 ultra 5G, all the problems come in the use of MR, the Air Casting works correctly, but MR crashes or closes afterwards of a time. I bought another unit and a third one again, now with an oppo find x3 pro and the same fails in the MR applications,
I have not been able to find out if it is a problem with heating, 5G coverage, or Nebula compatibility with mobile phones.
I would like to contact someone who uses these glasses and has had these problems.
My e-mail:
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Toni Caparrós