Connector Type USB output of the glasses shorted

Hello friends!

I’m having problems with my USB type c 3.1 female connector that comes out of the glasses and serves to connect the USB data cable.

Images my USB type C output my Glasses have a problem link:

Does anyone on the forum know where I can buy this part?

Thais a lot :+1:

Hi, it seems that the USB port is totally broken and unable to be used. Please tell me what caused this issue. And the only way is to send it back to our after-sales team and get it repaired.

Hello friends!

The issue that may have occurred to cause the problem was the use of my part in the gym, I like to practice sports and using the treadmill at the gym almost every day of the week, in the act of walking fast and the walking balance must have caused the problem with the USB connector at the output of the glasses.

I would like to leave here an observation about the use of glasses in physical activities, like in the gym, like every human being there is the problem of sweat on the face, which can also cause short circuit problems in the Xreal device, I thought of a way out that would be I buy protectors for my glasses and I found a possibility to isolate the sweat, I bought this item on Aliexpress:

Which helped in the protection in case of short circuit by the sweat of the face.

Going back to the problem with the USB port on the glasses, I have a technician who already knows how to fix the problem, I just really need to know where I can buy the spare part that is in the images I sent.

Could you tell me where to buy this female USB output connector that is the output of the glasses?

I live in Brazil and would like to import this piece, the female USB output connector that is the output of the glasses?

I’m waiting for help on where to buy the part.

Thanks a lot!