Constantly sliding virtual desktop - Nebula Mac

Just bought XReal Air for trying to do programming/productivity with multiple displays. Booted up Nebula on Sonoma 14.5 and tried launching the triple, double or single monitors. Starts off well enough, but immediately the virtual screen starts drifting to the right. And if I turn my head to the right, it drifts even further. There is no way for me to recenter it (there is also no way to open up the Nebula app once the desktop is loaded - I have to force quit and re-open it).
Am I doing something wrong, or are there any fixes? These glasses seemed like an interesting productivity tool, but if the desktops are constantly sliding around then it’s really rather useless :frowning:

I have reported this issue to the relevant product team. They are currently investigating it, and I will get back to you as soon as we have any updates.