Consumer Nreal Light from Korea, will I be able to use it in developer mode with Nebula 2 in the US

If I purchase a consumer Nreal Light from Korea, will I be able to use it in developer mode with Nebula 2.0 in the US (with a Samsung Galaxy S10e, Snapdragon 855)?

I found a thread on Reddit that seemed to suggest that the LG One store in Korea locked the Korean Nreal headset, but I’m guessing that this is no longer the case with developer mode with Nebula 2.0? Or are Korean Nreal headsets still locked outside of the LG One network even with Nebula 2.0?

No you’re correct. The Korean glasses will work with any Nebula. I have the Korean version myself and I’m using it with the Play Store Nebula 2.01 version provided by nReal before in their old slack channel.

The only thing missing is the ability to run your android 2D apps directly in MR. That’s still looked.


Thanks for this useful info! Really appreciate it!

Thank you for the peace of mind that you gave me with that reply. I am waiting for a pair of U+ black from Korea. Confirming that the firmware if not region locked is a godsent.

I have one of the nreal lights from drop day that was sold in Korea,it has been working fine in the US since day1. but that was after some tinkering with onestore and some vpn software. currently running it on my fold 3 and its doing great with the nebula 2.0 developers software but still waiting for full release of nebula to the states so i can use it the way it was ment to be


Pardon me if i misunderstood.

Is it possible to run .APK apps developed by myself with Ue4 with the consumer version of the Nreal light through the phone as an unknown source, or is it specifically necessary to own a developer kit version.


Yes you can install unknown apk apps and run it with a consumer glasses and android phone.

But only on Unity. UE4 is still not supported yet.

Thank you very much for the reply. Is there any news that maybe the Nreal glasses will support Ue4 sdk at some point.

It’s unclear at this point, but it’s still on their website as planned.

Honestly after Epic sueing nReal because of the name, I’m not sure what’s the issue right now.

In Germny we can get the Nreal light with a contraxt phone. Does this mean I could use Unity to buld a small test app withot having to have a computing unit, Or do I need to buy the glasses from south korea? So I am asking if using nreal from a vodafon provider is still going to work with unity?

Yes, you can develop an app with unity and install it on a android phone and test with any consumer glasses.

I have the same set up but I cant seem to find the apk your reffering to. Do you know where i could get it?

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You’ll find the latest one here:

Thanks for the information. However those doesn’t seem to have what im looking for.
I have the latest one im trying to find the old one that allows the use of 2d app.

Hi, that version is not maintained and it is only for several models (Sony and Oppo), also if your phone system is higher than Android 11, it also cannot be used.