Consumer version LG U+ Nreal AR Real Glasses and Windows 10 :)


just received my Consumer version LG U+ Nreal AR Real Glasses I got from eBay (great price, easy international shipping, first hand consumer version experience to assess long term bullishness)

I assumed and hoped that base level screen mirroring would work out of the box for this model but so far I’m just getting audio and no extra display (clicking Detect button → “Didn’t detect another display”)

any ideas :slight_smile:

Two things you can try:

  1. flip the USB-C connector.
  2. Connect the glasses to a compatible phone with Nebula 2.1 installed and wait until the firmware update is finished. Then retry connecting to your laptop.
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Thank you :slight_smile:

Do you know if there’s any Windows 10 app version of the firmware updater?
I haven’t been able to find any Windows tools for interfacing with the glasses

next thing I’m thinking is finding an Android emulator with USB support maybe?

What ur asking is windows support… There’s any, for long time this as been requested countless times, besides the competitors already featuring this on their product. (Nreal is falling behind on this feature.) What you can only do now with windows is desktop screen mirroring (duplicate + extending desktop screen while pinned with your head movement). There isn’t any way set multiple windows screens at fixed position in MR Space. Btw I have the very same glasses.

unfortunately Windows desktop screen mirroring isn’t working for me

was hoping that there was a quick fix that didn’t involve getting a compatible phone

i would be surprised if they didn’t add Windows support before launching in UK and or USA

best place to download a developer mode Nebula APK ?

installed on my Oculus Quest 2;
now stuck at “Plug in your glasses to enter Nebula” :frowning:

:smiley: nice MR Space experience
firmware updated :slight_smile:

still not being detected as a display on Windows 10… :frowning:

It needs to be installed on a android snapdragon based device.

yes I’ve installed, updated and ran some apps from a compatible android phone. :slight_smile:

just really want to get the default Windows desktop screen mirroring working as well. :frowning:

it would take a lot more work for me to add support to my Unity app and then build a companion Android app that connects to my PC app to stream Windows … :crazy_face:

Maybe your PC have only data mode in the USB-C instead of the DisplayPort mode, which is necessary to function the mirror mode with the nReal Glasses.

Thanks yes unfortunately I learned about that after.

I have a GC-Titan Ridge v2.0. It works usb+video. BUT, the usb3 doesn’t work on the ridge with my setup. (might work with other setup). So I have all devices except the rgb camera of the glasses.

I tried the sunix upd2018, I have all usb devices but it cannot do 4k at 60hz, I achieved 1080p 30hz and it’s pretty bad. Again might have something to do with my setup.

Thank you for sharing your experience :slight_smile:

Have you had any issues with eye strain?