Controller buttons don't work


When I connect the glasses to the control unit the first thing I see is the language select menu. I can move the controller pointer around but the buttons don’t work. I can’t click any other language or the continue button.

Please, let me know if you know how to fix this.

Hi developer, Press the center of controller is for confirming, so you can swipe the center of controller to go through selections but it doesn’t work when you press the button to confirm? If so, please check if you can long press the bottom of controller to reset laser.
And after that, if issue still exist, please open your Scrcpy and enter into the Android Interface of computing unit. Then disconnect your controller and connect it again.

Hello, thank you for your answer. Exactly, the button to confirm doesn’t work. I can’t reset the laser either. I opened Scrcpy and I disconnect the controller by forgetting the Bluetooth device, then I connected it back, but the problem persists. I am starting to think that there is something wrong with my controller, however, it is brand new.

Hi, thanks for the further details. Please send your issue to our after-sales team, they will provide more useful suggestions to you.
the email address is:
Please copy in the loop. Thanks in advance.

An auto pushed controller firmware update was performed, then the controller does not work.
A system pop up window informed that if it doesnot work restart the comput unit and controller, then I restarted them , but still the controller does not work, both to move or trigger.
Help please!!!