Controller issues

What should I do if the controller indicator light keeps flashing in green and cannot be connected with the computing unit?

Please try to follow the steps below:

1.Before powering on, please keep the glasses, computing unit and controller as separate;

2.Turn on the computing unit and the controller. At this time, the light on the controller will flash in green. Please wait for the indicator light on the computing unit to change from flashing to steady;

3.Plug in the glasses, then you will see an opening animation. After it, the handle light should be stayed in green or alternately flashing in red and green. At this time, the laser of the handle can be seen in the space and can follow the move of the controller.

4.If the light on controller is still flashing in green, please plug out the glasses, place the controller on the computing unit, and re-plug in the glasses again. After waiting for 5 seconds, the indicator light of the controller should change to flashing blue or a steady in green, which means that the controller has been successfully connected to the computing unit.