Couldn’t connect to wifi after firmware update

I’ve received a OTA firmware update on XREAL Beam last night, completed the update but I realised the Beam is not connected to both my wifi and phone hotspot. I’ve proceed to perform reset on the Beam and now I am stuck at setup which requires me to get connected over wifi. Each SSID I connect to return an error message said “Connection failed”. Can’t remember the firmware number but this firmware fixes YouTube PIP and optimized USB connection on iPhone 15.

How do I:

  1. Perform a factory reset
  2. If problem persist, anyway to start up without logging on to wifi
  3. Anyone have experienced this as well?

Hi, this is a known bug in the latest system, we are trying to solve it ASAP. Please try to change the security level of your router to WAP 2.

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Thanks! Problem resolved.

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We have released a fixed version, you can update your Beam to the latest version and the Wifi issue will be totally gone.