Crashes and Errors

Does anyone else experience one of these issues outlined whilst deploying Unity applications on the computing unit - dev kit?

  • The computing unit simply not showing the Nreal boot up screen but it is being on.
  • The computing unit showing the android screen instead of Nreal UI.
  • When trying to launch a Unity application, it simply not opening despite it being an Nreal SDK demo scene.
  • The application running but not showing anything (all ui visible through live cast but not glasses)

I’ve been experiencing many of these issues and was wondering whether others had similar experiences?


Yes, we’ve experienced all these issues.

The most frustrating issue is when the first Unity AR Scene is launched our Main Menu screen appears but half of it is not visible and all interactivity is lost. Only solution is to reboot the Nreal computing unit and this normally works to load the scene correctly.

Our development experience with Nreal and Unity so far seems very ‘beta’ and un-tested, there are clearly numerous bugs that need fixing and hopefully this will happen soon. We can see the huge potential here but the bugs you’ve reported are still there after 6 months, we’re hoping Nreal put out a major update soon.


Thank you for sharing your experience, it also provide reassurance that it wasn’t an isolated issue. And I completely agree with you about the endless potential the glasses carry, just hope the various bugs will be fixed and addressed soon.