Cropped Images, on Apple devices, Iphone, Ipad pro & Mac M2

Hello, I got the Nreal air a few days ago and I can’t find a way to solve the cropping issues after the last firmware, When I got them right out of the box everything was working fine, Then I got the latest update for the air and the adapter and now everything is cropped, this is happening when i connect, to my Ipad Pro, Iphone 14 max and Macbook air M2.
I looked for an answer here and I haven’t seen anything, I noticed people ask how to downgrade the firmware and no answer is given.

If someone can help me with this I’ll really appreciate it, Hopefully I wont have to return these.

Hi, it seems that you didn’t get the DP updated successfully. Please make sure the DP is also updated on the web. You can use the following link and update again.