Cursor switches to XReal Air overlay and can no longer interact with monitors - Macbook M1 Nebula Beta

My Airs saw a firmware update, but the version number’s the same. Ventura also saw a system update.
I’ve had it go through the whole day so far without the issue, but I’ll report back if a crash happens.

Also just did the firmware update on the Air… looks like it has been 3 days since you did your update… have you seen a repeat of the issue?

I’m still seeing the issue since the firmware upgrade… my assumption is that the fix will be in an update to Nebula?

Any update here? Still seeing the issue a few times per day.

The issue hasn’t recurred on my end. But TBH I’m not exactly sure if there were any changes as Nebula still reports the same versions for both the software and my unit’s firmware. Would sure appreciate any feedback from the devs on this as well.

I just tried updating my Air’s firmware now, and I was able to do it via Chrome and upgrade to But upon launching Nebula for Mac (still at version 0.4.0 (946)), it would downgrade my firmware back to There’s no way it would launch without downgrading the firmware. Hope to get feedback from the devs on this.

Hello devs. Any chance we can run the latest firmware without Nebula downgrading it? Grateful for any feedback on this.

Just got an update to the Nebula app… upon launching Nebula, it put up a dialog box informing me that a new version was available… after installing, it walked me through installing new firmware in the glasses as well… All seems the same, although the virtual screens have different names now… NRealVirtual-2 is the virtual screen on my left and NRealVirtual-1 is on the right.

Hoping this solves the issue of losing track of the mouse cursor to screen relationship.

Maybe I missed it on the web site, but I don’t see anything about release notes for the new version.

Maybe you can try to use the latest V0.6.0 Mac Nebula which supports online OTA. But please note that the current firmware on V0.6.0 is the latest.

Is this most recent Nebula release intended to solve the reported “mouse cursor not connected to virtual screen” problem reported in this thread?

the mouse switches to the xreal overlay and I am no longer able to interact with the 3 screens. The cursor also follows my head movement and can go outside the monitor boundaries.

The app works by creating a 4th display for the 3D environment that streams the other 3 displays. If the mouse is looking like this, it’s because it’s on the 4th display, which ordinarily you shouldn’t access. To “resolve”, just move the mouse back to the normal displays; typically, this just means move the mouse down and left and eventually it will go back to the normal displays. This depends on where the 4th display is, by default it looks like this (so go down and left to get back to the normal displays):


So did something about the most recent Nebula release make it less likely for the mouse to end up on the 4th display? I haven’t seen the issue since the most recent Nebula release.

I did see the issue this morning, for the first time since upgrading to the new version of Nebula… but I was able to follow your advice and get back to the 3 virtual screens by moving the mouse cursor down and to the left… not sure how it gets there, but thankful for the advice on how to get it back without needing to restart Nebula.