Cursor switches to XReal Air overlay and can no longer interact with monitors - Macbook M1 Nebula Beta

I’ve been working using the three monitor set up and a few minutes after plugging the xreal airs directly into my macbook and configuring the 3 screen setup, the mouse switches to the xreal overlay and I am no longer able to interact with the 3 screens. The cursor also follows my head movement and can go outside the monitor boundaries.

Is this a common issue at all and is anyone working on a solution for this?

Hi, please tell me the specific model and MacOS version. Also, please comfirm if the issue keeps the same after you disconnect the glass and connect again, launch the Mac Nebula.

I have the same issue as described above by the OP:
Macbook: Apple M1 Max
MacOS: Ventura 13.4.1 (c)
Nebula version: 0.3.0 (beta)
Xreal air firmware version:

After disconnecting glass or restarting Nebula, the problem goes away… but recurrs after an hour or 2 of use… sometimes less.

Update… just verified that I have the latest firmware install, as per the firmware update page.

Thanks for the details, I will submit the issue. Could you please also submit the feedback in the Nebula when you get the issue again? There is a three-dot button in the software.

I actually did that a few days before I found this forum

Please DM me the email address you left, we will try to track the log you submitted.

I can confirm this is also the case with me. I am using a Macbook M1 Pro on Ventura (13.5), Nebula version 0.4.0 (946), Xreal Air firmware version Hope to have a fix.

Any update on this? Seeing this a few times a day.

Perhaps a separate issue but sometimes when putting the mac to sleep with nebula running and various windows assigned to different screens, upon waking back up some of the windows will be assigned to the “Air” and they can’t be interacted with.

This condition can also occur when the issue that the original post is about occurs and the mouse cursor is not able to interact with any of the 3 screens, Nebula has to be shut down… and sometimes some windows will then be assigned to the “air” screen and can’t be interacted with when Nebula is restarted. How does one force all windows back to the main screen when this kind of situation occurs?

Hi, we have noticed the cursor issue and are trying to fix it.

And for the second issue you mentioned, I think it may be difficult to fix. Because our software requires to be run with the main screen opened.

Thanks… if you fix the cursor issue, the second issue won’t happen that often (if at all) if I am careful not to put the macbook into sleep mode with the XReal connected and Nebula running.

Thanks, I noticed that when I engaged Mission Control, I got the cursor back, but the screen in each eye became it’s own screen and I could only move the cursor on the left side. I could view, but couldn’t re-enter the space for Nebula. Hope that’s helpful.

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Thanks… I haven’t seen that with mission control… didn’t get the cursor back… but I did see the screen for each eye become its own screen.

Typically, when I get the issue where the cursor can’t click in the virtual screens… I have only 2 ways of getting out of it:

  1. Disconnect the USB for the XReal

  2. Move the mouse cursor to the very bottom of the XReal overlay… which brings up the Dock of apps… right clicking on the Nebula app and selecting “Quit”… which brings me back to a single screen showing in the XReal… then I re-lauch Nebula… sometimes I’ll have to modify which windows are on which virtual screens because Nebula doesn’t always remember that correctly.

The glasses have real potential for managing an OBS Stream while on Zoom with the 3 screen setup if Nebula was stable, but the mouse cursor issue just breaks everything at random moments and it can be a real showstopper while in a live session. Hopefully a new version comes out soon resolving this.

@XREAL-dev - any updates on a fix? Hope to hear from you. :pray:

Have you seen any consistency at all to when the mouse cursor issue occurs? At one point I thought it was related to taking on or off the glasses but I’ve now seen it happen when I hardly moved my head at all. I’ve tried to observe if it was related to a particular window or app performing some action like going to the front or something like that. Haven’t seen anything in particular that would be a “smoking gun” for a root cause. Glad to hear from @XREAL-dev that they have reproduced it… that is at least the first step toward solution.

Agree… It doesn’t keep me from using the product as I can pretty quickly get things going again … but I agree… could never use in a multi-user environment like on a zoom call… would be too irritating to the participants.

The only consistent trigger I can observe is when I look at the different virtual screens a number of times while Nebula’s running, there’s no amount of time or any other pattern that comes to mind.

I just thought of it now, but maybe I can check the MacOS Console log when it happens again for more information.

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Hi, we also noticed this issue, the dev team is looking into it. And you can also submit the log file in ‘Feedback’ of the Mac Nebula, which is useful to R&D member to locate the issue.

I can’t upload the log via the feedback form. It keeps crashing. I can’t paste or upload it here either. How can I send it to your dev team?

There is a feedback button in the Nebula, which can upload the log automatically.

I’ve uploaded the log files. Hope that helps!


Hi, any update on a fix for this? Thanks!