Customize controller shows the stream instead of UI

I am trying to create a custom controller UI, everything works fine with Unity emulator. However, when testing on the real device, the stream from the glass will show on the phone instead of the UI I created. It seems all the buttons function well, except I cannot see them on the phone. The originalUI is the screenshot from the computer, the other is the screenshot of the phone.

Hi, please check if the following guide is helpful to you. Thanks

I checked the guide, not helpful. In my case, I added RGBCamera to NRCameraRig, and I found out that this problem didn’t show up if used the original NRCameraRig Prefab. However, RGBCamera is needed, so is there anyway to solve this conflict?

After changing CustomNRVirtualDisplayer NRVirtualDisplayer UI Camera from Phone Camera to None, the problem is solved.

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