Depth Mesh in new NRSDK


I am trying to use new depth mesh feature available in NRSDK in my application. I want to only mesh objects which are close 1-1.5 meters from glasses. I tried to reduce the bounding box size but not happens. It meshes the entire area.

Does anyone has solution for this problem?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, the meshing API only defines the X, Y, and Z range to render the mesh. If you only want to mesh objects, maybe you can try to make some changes in the script NativeMeshing.cs.

Sorry, I have gone through the entire nativemeshing.cs script, i couldn’t find where to change the meshing range option. Its has only the bounding box size which is the interest region for meshing which I tried to change before but no use, it meshes everything. I want to mesh only objects which are 1-1.5 away from user.

Could you help me with some more detail?

Hello, sorry for the late reply. NRSDK currently does not have such an interface, but you can try setting the mesh outside of 1-1.5m range to transparent material.