Developing apps with NReal Light without development Kit?

Hi! I have purchased Nreal Light consumer product. I don’t have the development kit. I want to develop AR applications using Unity. Is it possible to develop AR apps and test them on Nreal Light consumer glasses? I have read someone said that it is possible to do it with an android phone, but could not find any information on how to do it.

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You can build your Unity project directly to your android phone then plug the glasses in to test it.

Pretty straight forward :+1:


Hi! Stepping in , as I’m facing an issue with running a unity app on android… while the app loaded, right after the splash screen, it displays “Error -5: Please connect your Nreal glasses”). Needless to say, the glasses are of course connected to the mobile phone , as I’m seeing the android screen through the glasses… Any idea what might be the problem ?
Many Thanks!

Hi Developer. Please tell me what API level of your unity app is and the version of your NRSDK. Also, please confirm Android version of your mobile phone.

Hi! Thank you for your response. I’m using latest SDK (Just downloaded it few days ago), Target and Minimum API level in unity is set to 8.0. I’m using a compatible SAMSUNG S21 (Android 12.0). The phone is connected to the glasses and I can see the android Home Screen through the glasses.

Hi, thanks for your info. Could you please confirm if you can enter MR Space which is in your Nebula and use the default apps? If default apps can be used normally, then please check the packaging steps of your apk and settings of unity.

Thanks! Looks like I’ve missed some configurations. After completing the Nebula setup and enabling MR Space, it works fine. You’re great! :slight_smile: many thanks.