Development Kit Specifically for the Air?


I’ve found the link to Nreal Light Dev Kit.

The documentation suggests the only option is to use the Light Dev Kit for the Light and Air. Does that mean there Is never going to be a Dev Kit specific for the Air?

My startup company needs relatively low-cost AR/XR glasses as the lightweight HUD (Heads Up Display) for a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) optimized for live performance guitar and bass.

Our shop mostly focuses on Ardour (FOSS), Ableton Live, & Reaper DAW.

This video was not created by us, but here is a quick how-to get up and running tutorial for Open Stage Control. The host is using Pro Tools to demonstrate but the same process applies to any other DAW.

Hi developer. Thanks for noticing our products. Our dev-kit only supports Nreal Light currently. If you don’t have much budget, please use Nreal Air and your mobile phone, but please make sure your phone is compatible.

Are OnePlus 8 (5 G) through 10 (5 G) Compatible with Light and Air?

Hi are you in US? If so, Oneplus 8 5G is OK. Please check the compatibility from the following link:

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Which future version of the dev-kit will support Nreal Air ? (if, as stated the current one does not).

Hi, developer, there is no specific plan for this currently.