DevKit Experience

hi all,
I’m close to getting a nreal DevKit, but it would be great to know of some real-world developer experiences:

  • do the features nreal advertises (plane detection, image tracking) actually work?
  • do you experience a lot of unexpected bugs/problems when developing?
  • I plan to use the DevKit without Android device. Apart from Nebula not being availalbe, are there drawbacks?
  • does the current estimate for 1-2 months shipping time still hold true?

Hi Ben,

We have the latest (black) devkit and it was shipped to us very quickly (like 1-2 weeks) a few weeks ago. Can’t say if shipment times have changed since.

My very subjective experience with the devkit:
MagicLeap and Hololens are currently substantially ahead in terms of both the number of features and the quality of comparable features. The biggest benefits of nreal in it’s current shape is the low weight and low price. Wether those two benefits compensate for the device being less capable is likely very dependent on your use case. Development was easy to get going with using Unity. The compute puck seems a bit quirky but does the job I guess.


All the orders of developer kit will be shipped under 24 hours with Fedex, straight to your doorstep, guaranteed. Order your dev kit now:

thanks Patrik for the info! I ordered the Devkit before you answered and it arrived yesterday, much quicker than expected :rocket:

I got mine from ebay and use it with a samsung galaxy s20, i’m rooting for them and they are adding and improving things a bit but I second your opinion. I’ve tried and owned all other headsets except hololens 2 and the big thing is the quality of tracking is not awesome on this so it ends up adding noticeable drift to objects. The big thing is wearables live and die by the tracking quality so it makes this hard to use production wise even though the form factor is way better then those others. I’m hoping they just need better software because even image tracking is not solid and thats old tech. I have no idea if this is possible but it would be amazing if they can leverage ARcore or vuforia or both.

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