Dirt Speck stuck between prisms and OLED screen

I posted this on reddit. Was told it would be forwarded to the appropiate team, but haven’t had any response since.

I got my brand new Nreal Air today, and after a bunch of testing, I noticed a dirt speck stuck in an area I can’t clean unless I disassembled.

To be fair, I am surprised these made it out of QC. It is quite noticeable if you have anything with a bright backround. The left eye is flawless. The right has the speck. I’m curious if these are put together in a dust controlled environment.

At first I thought it was a dead pixel, but if I shift the perspective a bit, the spec will also shift and not cover the same pixels.

I ordered from Amazon.co.jp and I live in Canada, and the only option I have there is to return it for a refund. I asked for an exchange and no luck there.

Overall I do really like the glasses and they are growing on me. But to have a qc issue that IMO should of been picked up easy is disheartening. And now that I have to ship these back, hope the shipping goes well and wait for them to get the item to reimburse me, when all I wanted was a replacement is also annoying.

I guess I could pay for a new set, but then I’m paying 2x and having to wait for 1x to be reimbursed.

It seems to be about the size of a grain of pepper.

Hi, really sorry for the uncomfortable after-sales service that brought to you. But according to the rules and policy, you will need to contact Amazon Japan for after-sales service, which made you feel upset. I can also have the same feelings as you, I know the pain. So I will give feedback to our after-sales team to check if there is a better solution.