Dissapointment in this company

Is there windows support for the Xreal light now that the xreal air 2 ultras are out they both have 6Dof and i guess the software for the xreal airs 2 ultras is kinda based on the lights. as an early adopter for the lights i feel like you guys are spitting on my face by not supporting a 4 year old product (that is not that old) that i spend 700 dollars on just for it to be completely unusable on windows nebula from the get go (2 years from launch which is rediculous not to support a 2 year old product), and saying i can use the glasses like a monitor is a fucking insult because i paid for 6Dof i should be able to use them, i paid 700 dollars because i BELIEVED in this company when it was a startup just for it a year later SPIT on my face. I understand the light had low sales which is even more hurtful because this means that i (and many early adapters i believe) BELIEVED IN YOU when not many people would, at least make it open source for light users or make it be able to flash the xreal air 2 ultras firmware unto the lights and let us figure out the rest, it’s really shitty to cut off a product like this.
On another note if you supported development from the start on windows with the lights you already would’ve had apps that support 6dof and would be able to refine the software based on input from users and devs and now that you will sell your flagship product you couldve had a lot more progress done and more encouragement for costumers to spend 700 dollars on a product that is still not finished and polished
Please please do the right thing and respect the people who first believed in you. i still love your product but I’m just very hurt and disappointed to being treated like shit when i believed in you. when i bought the lights i was still a student and blew half the money i had saved because again i BELIEVED this would be a great thing just to find myself being spit on the face.


They’ve never really made anything better with the SDK either. They’ve added things, but not fixed the fundamental issues. They aren’t really helpful on these forums, and they’ve proven time and time again that they don’t care about the people that want to develop for their hardware.

Some of us don’t want to use these things as a ‘big screen’, we want to develop innovative apps


Hi, sorry for the experience that we brought to you. We are iterating the SDK with more useful and stable features. But could you please give me more details about the ‘not fixed the fundamental issues’ you mentioned? Thanks in advance.

Hi antonnikitin.
We deeply apologize for the current lack of support for Light glasses on both Windows and Mac platforms. As you may know, Nebula for Mac was launched in the latter half of 2022, Nebula for Windows was released in 2023, while Light glasses debuted in 2017, resulting in a significant time gap. Our decision to prioritize adapting to new software platforms is based on considerations such as hardware lifecycle and market research data. Additionally, we understand the demand from Light users to utilize Nebula for both Mac and Windows, and we are actively working on adapting for Light. However, due to the substantial differences in hardware and firmware design between Light and current software mechanisms, more time is needed to accomplish this task.

Image tracking has alway been awful, plane detection not much better, to name but a few things. You just have to look on this forum or the discord to see people asking the same things over and over.

And for the people and clients that invested in the Lights and Dev Kits, we’re locked out of any future SDKs now as they aren’t compatible. So for us, yes features have been added, but things that were in the SDK at the start have never been made more reliable or accurate, and we still find ourselves looking for 3rd party solutions

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i think that the date is a little off man, the devs were shown and distributed in 2019 and the lights were started selling in 2020then the air line started in 2021 and nebula for windows debuted in 2023 it is CRAZY to support a 3 year old product but not a 4 year old one which btw for some time was sold at a higher price than the airs because it has MORE FEATURES like 6DoF or a greater angle of view. and also it is an insult to early adopters who blew off 700 dollars for a product you guys arent even making the effort to support because as i remind you its been 4-5 years. Xreal is a great hardware company but a really crappy software developer, because its been quite some time and nebula is still on beta, i would be INFINITELY better if xreal lets go and just makes their software opensource which will attaract more and more costumers, either that or greatly expand their software department because right now its evident that where they are lacking. Meanwhile, f you know anything that can make work the lights on windows it would be a huge huge help . thanks

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