Do devkit glasses work with Google Pixel 5 phones?

Do the glasses provided with the devkit work with a google pixel 5 phone? I tried plugging them in but no response from the phone and none of the apps on the google play store recognize the glasses. Should this work or is the Pixel 5 not a compatible phone?

The nebula app says it is not compatible with the phone.

In Nebula, activate development mode and then disable the phone check option.

To enable development mode, when you get the message that says your phone is not compatible, just tab on the message 10 times to go to development mode.

The problem I am having is getting nebula on the pixel 5 in the first place. Google play store says the app is not compatible and will not install it. Tapping on the red “not compatible” message in google play does nothing.

Do I have to side-load nebula to get it on the phone in the first place?

Nebula doesn’t even show up in the play store when I search for it, I had to follow the link from the NREAL site.

Apologies for the misunderstanding. Sent you a DM

As far as I know, Pixel phones don’t support video output through USB-C (also known as DP alt mode). So just like Xiaomi phones, they won’t display anything on the glasses

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