Does hand tracking support fingertip rigidbody collision detect?

I want to use fingertip from hand tracking, for pressing in-game buttons, instead of raycast from smartphone controller.
But I don’t know how to make since I have little experience with NRSDK.
Which script does include code about the topic I’m interested?(specifically fingertip rigid body)

Also, I used this code for detecting collision with ray and it works with smartphone control, but it doesn’t work when I convert to the hand tracking mode.
Are they using different ray?

if (Physics.Raycast(new Ray(laserAnchor.transform.position, laserAnchor.transform.forward), out hitResult, layerMask))
            if (hitResult.collider.gameObject != null && hitResult.collider.gameObject.GetComponent<Renderer>() != null)

Everything you need is in the hand tracking section:

Unfortunately you only get the Pose (contains position and rotation) of the individual joints, including the finger tips. You’ll have to get the Pose and use the values to check for collision.

As for the laser raycast, the controller laser and hand laser are 2 separate objects in unity. Make sure you’re using the correct one :+1:


Hi,please just check the link what Fareplay sent. And there is an script you can take for reference, the HandTrackingExample.cs

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