Does Nreal support Unity's OnRenderImage function?

This is my first time to use community.

I encoundered problem about Unity’s function.

I wan’t to implement post effect toward Nreal glasses by using OnRenderImage function of Unity MonoBehaviour like this:

public class PostEffect : MonoBehaviour
public Material mosaic;

void OnRenderImage(RenderTexture src, RenderTexture dest)
    // TODO: my post effect
    // Graphics.Blit(src, dest, mosaic);


On Unity editor, the function has effects, but on Nreal glasses (by installing .apk), it seems no effect, looks like NOT being called.
Do you guys know about the specificaions of Unity scripts with Nreal?

This is a link of methods of MonoBehaviour class of general Unity (including OnRenderImage).

Are you using a material that is not supported on Android

No, I’m not using such a material.
It seems OnRenderImage function itself isn’t called.

There are several active cameras in the cam rig so you would have to pick which camera gameobject you want to have the component on

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I found several cameras (left, center, right) inside NRCamera. I’m just trying to attach a script among these (now devices are apart from me, so later test it).

I attached my script to ‘Left Camera’ and ‘Right Camera’ of NRCamera (except for ‘Center Camera’), OnRenderImage function was called and my app went well!

My problem was resolved, thank you sincerely!

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