Does Nreal support WebXR or is it still in beta?

I want to know if Nreal supports WebXR content. I am looking to build some AR content on the web and I want to know if it will be possible for people to use it through their Nreal glasses.

Also can we package WebXR apps as Nreal apps to submit them as MR apps for Nreal? I would love to know this! Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

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Hi Developer. WebXR is still in beta phase, if you don’t mind, please send us your URL, we can test in our beta version and check if it works.

I am working on a WebXR app. I was just wondering that if I can make it into a TWA Android app, can it work on Nreal glasses?

I suppose no. Cause the current WebXR solution is based on the default browser in MR Space.

I’m sorry to have to ask this but is WebXR for the current glasses now off the roadmap?

Could we get a clear and thorough answer, thank you.

Hi, our current Browser in Nebula does support WebXR.

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