Does RedMagic Gaming Dock Support 12V Output?

Could anyone who owns a RedMagic Gaming Dock please share a pic of the manual with power output specs.
Which output voltages does it support?

would appreciate if could take a pic of the manual if there was one


Hi, sorry we don’t have manual or specs, please check it on Amazon.

Amazon does not appear to have a listing at the moment.
I have a feeling it is 5V only.

On this Website says its had an Output on 20V 3,25A.

As I understand it glasses accept 5V only.
20V cannot be the only output voltage.

Dock is supposed to be compliant with USB PD 3.0 spec which lists 5V/9V/12V/15V/20V in both directions.
Question is whether it converts or simply forwards voltages from source.

Would appreciate if anyone with a USB-C PD tester could pull out all supported voltages.

On my mind it work so (no information from any Source).

The dockingstation (power entry) forward only power to Phone.
And Phone Power the USB C device it is connected.

The dockingstation charge only your phone and don’t forward power to the device.

A single USB-C port either accepts power input or supplies power output i.e. not both at same time.
There are no pins for second power lane.

A phone’s single USB-C port cannot accept a 20v or 5v input for charging and output 5v at same time.