Does Samsung s20+ Korea version support nreal air?

I’m live in Vietnam and I bought Nreal Air Kính 3D thông minh Nreal Air - Xem phim AR và VR DroidShop.VN
They said import from Japan.

I have Samsung S20 plus Korea version model SM-G986N. I check in compatibility list this model is support Nreal Light. Compatibility

So when I connect Nreal Air to my phone is Samsung Dex work good. but Nebula show Error Code-11. MRSpace display device not find

Sorry, The curent device is still being adapted and temporarily unavailable.

What can I do?

Hi, could you please tell me which version of Nebula you are using? If V3.1.1, please go to Me–>About and click the logo for 10times continuously, then, please insert the glass again.

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I have the same problem and do like you said. and it’s still be the same.

Hi, this tip usually occurs when the DP signal is not detected. Could you please check if the USB interface of your phone is normal? Also, you can try to do upgrading for your Air glass from this link: Nreal Air - Activation and firmware update
(Please note that the MCU and DP are both required to be updated.)