Downgrading Nebula app for XR Streaming

I have just bought Nvidia GPU to enjoy XR Streaming but I don’t see this future in new Nebula app. Did we lost XR Streaming? I uninstalled new Nebula and installed the old Nebula. Now old version shows only few icons in AR Space. How should I downgrade Nebula app correctly?

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Hi, the CloudXR app is for XR Streaming gaming. Could you please check if it is in your V3.1.1 Nebula?

This is what I tried:

  • uninstalled all Nebula compatible apps
  • uninstalled main Nebula app
  • installed Nebula 3.1.1

I now have only TV icon on Nebula menu.

Hi, we have fixed the issue. Please clear the history data, and enter the Nebula app again. After that, you will get all the default apps.

I have cleared data and cache file of Nebula app. CloudXR is still missing. Somehow TV icon remained.

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I am also experiencing the same situation.

OK, thanks for this feedback, we will fix the issue instantly.

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Please check it now, the app should be back now.

Works fine now. Thank you.

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CloudXR has not appeared on my phone yet.


  • Nebula v3.2.1
  • Language: Japanese
  • Galaxy SCG09
  • Mobile carrier:

What I did

  • Reinstalled
  • Delete data and cache
  • Allow all permissions

Update 22/12/04

CloudXR existed in Nebula v3.1.1
Thank you.

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