Early Access for NRSDK V2.1!

Hi guys! We’re excited to announce our latest Software Development Kit. NRSDK version 2.1 includes the following new and updated features!

What’s new:
-Spatial Anchor: points in the real world that are tracked by AR devices, allowing AR objects to be placed in the real world and remain in the same location even if the user moves around or switches sessions.
-Single Pass Stereo Rendering: significantly enhances performance while reducing CPU usage. Our tests have shown that this feature uses less battery while lowering the hardware temperature to provide a more efficient and comfortable user experience. -URP Supported: supports URP (Universal Render Pipeline)

-Hand Tracking (Optimized): (1) Significant improvement in the stability of gesture tracking trajectory, reducing jitter and jumping phenomena; (2) Enhanced accuracy of gesture tracking, enabling more precise recognition and tracking of complex hand movements; (3) Optimized runtime performance and resource usage of the gesture algorithm, resulting in smoother gesture tracking and lower device resource occupancy.
-Depth Mesh (Optimized): Improved mesh reconstruction for flat surfaces (including desks, floors, and walls), resulting in smoother and more complete meshes, less affected by weak textures. Extended the effective distance of the mesh from 4 meters to 5 meters.

Apply now for Early Access:
Please go to the following link and submit your request if you are interested in the new version and want to have a try. We will send you the new package ASAP! https://xreal.feishu.cn/share/base/form/shrcnIZ3QaTTZEagFkRMJHgKHag