Easy way to get nebula .... I have 5 device and dont understand where to download nebula

I have

Iphone 13
Galaxy S9 plus
Pixel 6
Windows 11 computer x3

And I cant download nebula on any of them …
After looking at the list of available device , Ipad is suppose to work … but I cant download nebula.

How am I suppose to make it work ?

And where is the download for windows ?

If the glass work well enough for me , I plan to get a M1 laptop . so Will need the link for MAC os too !

And I have a TBS 2603 AU - video encoder decoder , can I use this to broadcast ?

Help me please :wink:

thanks in advance !

Hi developer. If your S9 comes with the Qualcomm chipset, maybe work with Nebula. You can download Nebula from this link if you cannot get access to GP. New Version of Nebula(V3.1.1) for Non-GP Developers! - #5 by dan_cornel_harju
And for the Mac version, will be released soon, but it is not available currently.
Our glass may not support TBS 2603 AU, we don’t test it too, cannot make sure of the possibility.

It wont work on IPAD atm … I am doom now then !!!

I cant download nebula on my S9 , the Store wont let me download it…

will try to install the APK.

I just tried it … wont work on my s9 plus.

Guess I will have to buy a new device to load.

When you think apple nebula will be out ?

And can we use it with a PC or a Android tablet ?

but this youtube say its compatible with apple

how to get it ?

I got it for the video , you need an adapter … that is a bummer !


what are the compatible phone or tablet from CANADA


Hi, please take this compatibility list as a reference: Compatibility
Just need to make sure the phone model number is matched with the corresponding glass.

ok , so basically nothing work if its not those exact model right ?

And When you think nebula will be out for MAC ?

And what adapter should I get for the moment to be able to duplicate any screen with any device ?

Yep, we cannot guarantee stability and performance if it is not the same as those models.
The Mac version will be out in these days I think;
I can only tell you that I tested Gofanco adaptor which can be used with Air.

Ok , so the mac version will be out in these days ???

that mean , around what , 1 - 2 - 3 month ?

thanks !

And ill just get a compatible phone for the moment , I am waiting for MAC nebula !

And Question 2 -

All the phone in the Compatibitity list are 100% compatible with no problem ? or their is some models that have some complication ?

  1. Yes, these days :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Not a month;
  2. The models which are in the compatibility list are most stable, we cannot guarantee it works with no any issue, can only say they are stable to work with our glasses.

These day , THEN ILL WAIT for MAC nebula !!!

I can be a beta tester RIGHT NOW if you need :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I have an IPAD 8th gen and if the glasses are very nice to use, I plan to buy an M1 macbook air to pair it with the glasses on the go anywhere. Just realize this one is a LIghtning port IPAD … will it work with a normal Lightning to USB cable ?

if no … il just get the MACBOOK AIR

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Just ensure me , Nebula will work on macbook air m1 without the need of any adapter right ?

And does it work under windows 10 or 11 at the moment ? without the need of an adapter.?

thanks !

The Mac version of Nebula will work without adaptor, and it only works on Mac instead of Windows.

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Hi, I thought when buying the glasses that it was compatible with my MacBook so I’m a little disappointed and at the same time reassured to know that it’s only a matter of a few days to be able to use them with my computer :slight_smile: . On the other hand I am surprised to see that it does not work with my Iphone X… Where can I buy the adapter? And the application: is it on the store?

Thank you for keeping us informed !

Hi, really sorry for the delay with the Mac version, we want to provide a stable and robust version for you, so it is delayed to release. And iPhone comes with a Lightning port which doesn’t allow the direct connection of our glass, so Nreal adaptor is required for iPhone users, I think the adaptor is available in Amazon US.

Some other question to finish my setup ,

I just order a compatible S20 from ebay, will receive it in about 2 weeks,

What is the adapter that can Charge the device and use the Air again ?

Does the Nreal Lightning adapter can charge the device at the same time as using it ?
and does it work with any device that push HDMI connection ?

Can we use the Nreal Glass direclty as a second monitor with an M1 mac ?

Do you think you can make it work for Google Pixel 6 and upward , its with their new chip , And I can say one thing about them , They are very energy efficient !

Thanks in advance !