Error in Nebula on Google Pixel 3 / Android 12

Hello everyone!

I’m trying to connect my Nreal Light glasses on a Google Pixel 3, running on Android 12.

I’d like to test my app on this phone in particular because it has roughly the same specs than the dev kit (snapdragon 845, not sure if the CPU are identical, but both uses an Adreno 630) .

I’m trying the Android 12 route because my app doesn’t perform well at all on Android 11 (mediacodec issues), and last time I checked, Nebula wasn’t working on Android 10.

I managed to install what I believe to be the latest version of Nebula (found here, and I did copied the OBB file into a custom folder (Android/obb/ai.nreal.nebula.universal).

For once, no error message about the app being not compatible on startup. When I plugged the glasses, I even got an update. I gave all the permissions I was asked for, activated developer options, and activated “Skip Incompatible Pages”

But sadly I get this message in app:
“Unfortunately, This phone cannot be supported Audio Video Transmission, please visit our official website and checking Nebula Compatible Phones: Nebula” (tried to keep the typos as is)

I understand that a lot of phones are not supported, but has anyone encountered this error and managed to get past it? Or does someone have a creative idea on how to solve this problem?

Thank you and have a great day :smiley:

Google Pixel phones don’t support video out through USB-C. So sadly that won’t work…

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That explains everything! Thank you for your answer :smiley:

Edit: Does this means Nebula is supposed to work on Android 12? Or is this also a red herring?