Error message when connecting smartphone to the glasses

I successfully installed Nebula 2 on my OnePlus 7T smartphone, but when I plug in the glasses, I receive the following message: “This is one older version of glasses, please use the commercialized version”. Is there any way to allow Nebula 2 to connect to my Nreal Light glasses. The glasses Nreal System Version: SDM845-202106292240-837 and Glasses Firmware Version:

Also, when I tried to install the NrealLightUpdate_v0.2.2.apk, the ARLauncher_v0.2.2.apk and the ota.apk, the install attempts reported back with this error: “Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_SHARED_USER_INCOMPATIBLE: Reconciliation failed…: Reconcile failed: Package ai.nreal.update has no signatures that match those in shared user android.uid.system; ignoring!]”


Does Nebula 2 not allow you to press OK on that screen and continue similar to the attached?

When I still had the red developer kit glasses, pressing OK allowed me to continue and use both MR mode and Air Casting.

Thanks @eminus, it does allow me to continue and use both MR mode and Air Casting - I can now explore Nebula 2! I would like to install the updates, so will continue to look into that…

Thanks again!