Existing Android App into Nreal

Hi in the document it says there that “Nreal glasses are now compatible with Android native apps”.
Does it mean that it is possible to just have an existing app and view it inside the nreal glasses or even in the emulator? I don’t see a lot of information on how to test it out.

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Hi, could you please show me the document you mentioned?

Pretty sure you either misread that or the document is over 2 years old.

NReal “can’t” run native android apps. I say “can’t” to emphasize that NReal has no control over this feature. It’s blocked from the android os side for security reasons. You can’t run apps you don’t own inside your own app, unless your app is a “privileged” app.

This is from NRSDK 1.6.0.

Oh i understand. But what if it is porting our app into nreal environment? Would that be possible? Or i have to remake it in unity?

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You mean porting as is? It will not work. You’ll have to rebuild it in unity (if it’s not already) and add the NRSDK to your project.

Another way maybe to build an NReal unity app that runs or display your native app inside it, seeing that you own both apps and have their singing keys.

You could use android SDK Presentation or WindowManager I believe. You can create a “Virtual Display” as a second screen and run your native app main activity in it, and from that you render it directly to android:

Of course you’ll have to use JNI to access android java code directly from Unity.