Failed to synchronize issue

I’m using Samsung S21 Ultra (SM998U).
After connecting my Nreal Glasses to my phone, it starts to synchronize, but it keeps saying that “Failed to synchronize with your glasses, please unplug and plug the glasses in to try again.”
However, it does not working even I unplug and plug again. Do I need to update nebula or some other thing that I need to do?

Hi, please confirm if your glass is the Light in red color.

You mean that make sure with my glasses is nReal Light which is red color?
If that’s what the question means, Yes.

Thanks for your info, then it is a known issue, it is caused by the compatibility issue with old firmware and new Nebula.

Any ways to fix this issue?

Sorry but no, it cannot be fixed currently.

Try re-installing Nebula application.
I had a similar issue when I changed my Nreal glasses to another one, and the app updates the firmware when I reinstall it.

If you also used the red one and the latest V3.0 Nebula, then it should be same issue.

You can use Nebula V2.3.1, but it will warn you after a few minutes that the temperature is too high and automatically exit.