FarePlay cracked WebXR for NReal 😍

Good news everyone. I managed to get WebXR working with NReal in the FarePlay app. So the next update will to be a big one :partying_face:

Tested it with a few WebXR experiences, including Mozilla Hubs :+1: Although loading stuff in the Hubs and invites don’t work yet. It trys to forward me to the desktop, which there isn’t any 🤷 I’ll try to find a workaround.

WebXR works for both VR and AR experiences, although for AR the background is just black, so if you record it you won’t see your room in the video. I’ll try to figure something out.

Sorry for the floating screen in the video. NReal recording doesn’t show the overlays for both eyes, so I had to add a screen to show you what I am looking at.

Hopefully this will open more content to NReal users :heart: