FarePlay for NReal is up on the Play Store :D

I am happy and proud to announce the first release of FarePlay for NReal v.0.4

Now you can watch and view your local movies/pictures/GLTF files from your device. Not to mention a fully functional web browser :wink:

All with hand tracking supported action :+1:

Took forever but I managed to upload the thing - correctly this time :stuck_out_tongue: - on the Play Store.

I hope this app will let you squeeze a little bit more fun out of your glasses.

For any instructions, help or tips, or any bugs or crashes - which Iโ€™m sure thereโ€™s a lot of :roll_eyes: - please donโ€™t hesitate to post here or DM me directly.

All feedback and advice are appreciated :heart:

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Looks good. The 3D Viewer and Video View functions with 3D support are unique for nreal I think.
What I missed at the Video Viewer was the support URLs/ YouTube.

I think you should improve:

  • Interaction concept because itโ€™s different to the Nreal standard e.g. Close the app
  • File Explorer was not well - i find nothing and the back button didnโ€™t work.
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Hey thanks for trying the app.

The video support for urls was removed from this version due to the design changes. I plan on adding it back in the next release after I figure out a few issues.

For the file explorer, it only shows files that can be loaded into the mini app. So it automatically filter out the none supported ones.

Thanks for the feedback. Definitely will consider in the next release :+1: