Feedback regarding current state of software

I genuinely believe in this industry and AR as a whole. With that being said I have some serious concerns about the future of NReal.

The community and I have both expressed the need for several firmware and SDK changes including:

  • Playback of 3D SBS Content
  • SBS Display mode
  • Support for Windows/Linux
  • A native SDK/API to get sensor data from the glasses to Windows/Linux.
  • Color correction
  • Better Documentation

My thoughts about these:

There’s a need for SBS playback but I feel its more important to have a SBS display mode like the Rokoid Air, it would solve two problems in one, people could use a device/player of their choice using an hdmi adapter or direct through Usb-C and with some extra firmware changes allow IMU data to be accessed as well. This would allow anyone to develop an AR experience in any language or on just about any device. Not to mention the possibility of native openVR support (Steam VR). I know there are caveats with Usb-C and DisplayPort Alt Mode on many devices but an adapter could solve this.

As for Nebula, I can’t comment on the Mac version but for Android the experience is quite annoying. My biggest complaint is that i cannot lock my phone while using it. It drains more power, and i cannot put it in my pocket which I imagine is frustrating for most people. I personally use mine with DeX most of the time because of this.

Thoughts on steam deck:

I’m glad to see the massive support for getting consoles working like the steam deck. Again with Linux support its possible to take this to the next level like having multiple displays or applications running in a AR space would be absolutely amazing.

Thoughts on Mac:

Its nice to see but I worry with Apples own AR glasses on the horizon that NReal would not be able to match them just because of the apple eco system.

Final Thoughts:

I think the team has done an excellent job so far but it feels like we are being left in the dark about what features are and are not coming or if its even a possibility. I’ve noticed some thread on here that are 6+ months old that still don’t have a clear answer which is concerning. I hope NReal continues to take community feedback and improve their software.

Thank you for your hard work!

If anyone has thoughts on any of this please feel free :slight_smile:


Hi, really thanks for your suggestions and words. We have heard the voice of you and other users. Let me update the current status of your concerns:

  1. We are doing the 3D SBS player, and also the 3D Display mode, which is expected to be released next month.
  2. For Windows, we are also doing porting work.
  3. Color correction on iPhone and iPad, we are doing the correction for iOS devices, and the color of the iPad with USB-C port will be solved first.
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Hi, is there a way to have an update please? We really need an SBS 3D player. What is the status and how long we still have to wait? I am thinking of selling my glasses and go with a company that does have a solution. And love these glasses, but this feature is crucial to watch adult content.

You guys are releasing a PC computer SBS 3D mode?!? Has it released?