Finding NRCameraRig in Start() not working

Hi, Is there anybody that has experience with finding the NRCameraRig by script?
I have this code that works fine in the editor, but not in the build.

camRig = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag(“NRCameraRig”);

and it’s driving me crazy.

NRCameraRig`s tag is “Untagged” at default. (not "NRCameraRig”)

Please Check NRCameraRig GameObject Tag!!

Y=Thank you for your reply. I apologize for not clarifying. I had manually tagged the CameraRig, that’s why it did work in the Editor.
In the mean time I think figured out why it wasn’t working in the build. I am switching scenes from a “Home” to the scene mentioned above. Since the camera has a “Don’t destroy onLoad” attachted to it, that CameraRig is used, there wasn’t a tag on it, and therefore could not be referenced.

Does anybody know if the “DontDestroyOnLoad” was added in an NRSDK update. Because my script had worked before.