Finding possible ways to run 2d apps in MR space

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VERY interesting! I see you’re using VMOS PRO in combination with Screen Stream over HTTP in order to achieve this. Any latency or stability issues?

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Yes, the latency was very high for the streaming, about a full second delay. I was kinda hopping that VOMS would have a separate private IP to connect it directly to my main android, but they both share it so I had stream through my wifi router.

Plus VOMS doesn’t support Bluetooth so there was no way for me to control the apps in it. I had to connect the controller to the PC directly and play the game from there.

The only remote access I can find that is accessable through a web browser was TeamViewer, but unfortunately browser access is limited to their subscription plans which I’m not keen on paying 🤷

Still looking for better alternatives but it’s very hard to find one. Apparently accessing android from a browser isn’t in high demand :unamused:

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Wow, that’s really interesting.

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OK got a bit of breakthrough.

It just hit me that my ROG 3 phone has hotspot (which I can keep active while wifi is on). Thought if I turned it on that it will give me a separate IP for the VM

It does :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

Now I have a second network wlan1. I tried it and it streams directly from VM to the parent android.

Now there is still lag but that’s how the HTTP stream app works. It wasn’t meant to stream 1:1 but there is an obvious decrease in latency. Almost 0.5 second delay now.

Still looking for more ways to get a better performance with this :+1:

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great work… Hope the Nreal devs are reading these forums… My Nreal glasses are collecting dust allowing the use of 2D apps would open up the whole android ecosystem